2014 in review

Highlights 2014 from kennel Carmson’s and Excerno (also published on Facebook)

As the year goes by we sat down thinking back on the year that have almost passed away…And what a year! These results for the Bouviers could not have been achieved without a close cooperation throughout the past 14 years!!!

The “grand old man” DKCH NOCH SECH NORDCH INTCH IPO2 Carmson’s Charming Cudjo have won 5 times BOB and 3 times BOS and also added a few new titles to his already long list; DKKBLVCH, DKVV-14, SVV-14, KBHV14, KBHVV14. In the finals as Veteran both BIS2, BIS3 and BIS4 and most impressive of all after one of his BOB; winning BIG4 at the DKK international Show in Roskilde and also a BIS2 at the clubshow. In the Netherlands at the Clubmatch he won the Workingclass males and have also become the most winning Bouvier-male in Denmark in 2014.

DKCH AK-SE BH Carmson’s Fancy Fifi have won 7 times BOB, 8 times BOS, a BIS4 placement and the proudest of all winning BIS progency group at the Swedish International Show in Eslöv in September with offspring from the Excerno V-litter. Furthermore she was placed as no 4 in the champion class females at the Clubmatch in Netherland. Besides this, not only showtitles are added, but also a few small workingtitles to her resume: FPR1 and BPB where she in both disciplines won the KHKG Danish Championships 2014. At shows the KBHV14, DKKV14, DKV14, SV14 and DKCLBCH. She’s also the most winning Bouvier-female in Denmark.

Excerno Vintage Vizzla af Fifi have also had a marvelous year: Placed as 2nd best Junior female at the World Dog Show, Winning BIS-placements in Baby, Puppy, Junior and then also 2 times BIS1 as “adult” and 1 time BIS 2. 6 times CAC’s in DK and 1 CAC in Norway and 5 times BOB. A long list is added to her resume at this young age: KBHJV-14 DKJV-14, SJV-14, NJV-14, NORDJV-14

Excerno Venegance Verdi af Fifi owned by Tommy Karlsson, also showed a lot: Placed as 4th best Junior Male at the World Dog Show, 3 CAC’s, 3 BOS and 2 BOB. Also here a few titles is added: DKJV-14, SJV-14, SV-14

Excerno Voracious Voldemort af Fifi owned by Marie Johansson, not that many shows but those who were, were with great results: one BOS, 2 CAC’s NJV-14, NORDJV-14, NORDV-14

Excerno Villain Viking af Fifi owned by Ronny Nordberg, only shown a few times winning one BOS

Carmson’s Handsome Hero owned by fam. Puggaard have had several BIS-placement as puppy and junior, 1 CAC and in Germany the title: German Juniorchampion

Excerno Undercover Una af Nordic became DKCH during this year

Carmson’s Entertaining Elvis owned by Anna Virdeby won BOS at the Swedish Clubshow.

Excerno Pally Panda af Xsana and Ella Laursen passed the SPH1 and won the KHKG Danish Championships 2014 in SPH1

Carmson’s Guardian Gonzo and Ralf Thømming passed the BH

Carmson’s Gorgeous Gina and Michel Virdeby passed the approval test for the Swedish home guard

Not only show and working were with great results this year – also on the health “our” dogs have been tested: 3 offspring from Fanta’s G-litter with Hips A and elbows 0, 4 from Fifi’s Excerno V-litter with hips A and elbows 0, 1 with hips B and elbows 0 and one with hips A/C and elbows 0. 1 offspring from Caia from the H-litter with hips A and elbows 0…

So all in all – we are proud of our healthy, good looking Bouviers with working-abilities…

We wish all of you a Happy New Year 2015
Excerno & Carmson’s

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