Royal canin2024 in review!



01.01.2024 – Welcome to 2024

For me time to just review how 2023 turned out..
Did we achieve our goals? and on a lot parameters with the dogs the answer is absolutely yes!
This thanks to help and support – you know who you are – without this it would not have been possible
The youngster Mini (Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila) turned 2 years in May and quite amazed with what we have achieved in 2023 ⭐️❤️!
BH, IFH-V, IFH1, IFH2 and qualified for the IFH2 nationals (all breeds) 2024
on the show side DKCH, NOCH titles as well as a number of BOBs, placement in her class at the clubmatch in NL, at EDS and WDS + winning group 1 in sweep stake at show of winners etc…
Her partner in crime and my grey devil Macie (Carmson’s Marvellous Macie) ❤️ have also been on her toes in 2023;
IFH2 and IGP1 got on her resume and on shows we can add SECH and application for INTCH is with FCI for approval
Also she was placed in her class at the clubmatch in NL and at EDS…
It was also the year where we got things on track with NoseWork – we did not get the 100 point but I’ll bet we will make it in 2024!!!
So just smiling being happy with the two ladies that are in action whilst Blob, Jackie, Mia and Ikxz are supporting from backend ❤️
Mini IFHV2Maciespor1


2023 in review!

31.12.2023 – New Years tracking exam, DK
A nice way to end 2023 and a good entry to 2024. Mini did a great job and earned 92 points on her second official IFH2 tracking exam today.
So very pleased with her – it’s a joy to walk behind her on the track.
Happy New year to all of you!

Happy new year 2024

18.11.2023, Tracking Exam, DK
The youngster – Mini – passed IFH-2 with 80 points ⭐️❤️
Unfortunately she missed 4 articles (which I must say was a big surprise) so with that 12 points was lost. But in general she did a really nice job..

Mini track nov

05.11.2023 Int. show, Växjö, Sweden
Home after a nice and cozy weekend in Sweden..
Enjoyed the beautiful nature and company Saturday while spending today on SKK INT Show in Växjö.
DKCH CZCH KBHV21 BH AK(SE) IFH-V KLBCH IFH1 IFH2 IGP1 Carmson’s Marvellous Macie, entered in working class, achieved excellent, ck, CAC, CACIB, BOB.
And with this she’s now also SECH
On top we can now also apply for the International champion title INTCH (with working certificate off course )..

Macie vax2 Macie vax1

07.10.2023 – Nat. KHKG, DK – double show!
Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini ❤️❤️
2 x Best of Breed
1 x Best in Show 2
Thanks to the judges Rob Douma and Marianne Baden for appreciating her quality

Mini Køge1 mini køge2

24.09.2023 Int. 2-day show DKK, Roskilde
Today this young fellow, Carmson’s Nenya Numenor aka Melvin deserves the credit!!
His 3rd show, 3rd CAC and by that new Danish champion ⭐️⭐️ he also got the Roskilde winner title and his first cacib.
Winning Best male and best opposite sex at the DKK INT show in Roskilde today.

Mini (his sister) was showing yesterday – being very tired after the tracking exam Friday – and was placed as 3rd best female with excellent and ck.
Today much more energy in the movement and was placed as 2nd best female with excellent and ck ❤️
Melvin roskilde

22.09.2023 – IFH1 and IGP1 exams 

Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka mini passed tracking exam 1 (IFH1) with 96 points ⭐️⭐️❤️
Carmson’s Marvellous Macie passed IGP1
A 99, B 85, C 72 A/UDP ❤️⭐️
I did cost points on this one! But we got a sense of what works, what work has paid off and changed and which areas we need to work on..
So satisfied with her effort – not her to blame that I did not ensure to prepare her enough!
24.08.2023 – WDS, Geneva 
Mini excellent and placed as 3rd In Open class
Macie excellent without placement in champion class
Congrats to all winners and nice meeting a lot bouvier people in person and not only on FB
Off course we had to visit the Royal Canin Booth at the show venue – met good “colleagues” and got this picture taken ❤️

26.07.2023 – sad sad day – a star passed the rainbow bridge
I dag har hundehimlen fået endnu en stor lysende stjerne ❤️

Hovedet var frisk men kroppen kunne ikke mere og det var tid til den sidste rejse.
Rejsen herfra, hvor jeg tog imod dig for lidt over 13 år siden. År med mange gode, sjove og fantastiske oplevelser.
Men nu var det tid til at sige farvel og give dig fred
Alle efterlader deres poteaftryk i hjertet – nogle større end andre og dette er et af de største ❤️
05.06.2010 – 26.07.2023
09.07.2023, Klubmatch Nederlandse Bouvier Club, Heteren, NL
Again today very hot and again both Mini and Macie did what they could..
Macie – Carmson’s Marvellous Macie – excellent and placed as 4th in Champion Class ❤️
Mini – Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila – excellent but no placement for her today ❤️
Macie NL1Macie NL2Macie nl3

08.07.2023 Dutch Cenetary show, NBC, Heteren, NL
Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini was awarded excellent and placed as no 4 out of 12 in breeders class females ❤️❤️
Macie got excellent in champion class but no placement
Really satisfied with both ladies that behaved and did the best despite the very very hot weather here..
So immediately after the ring we went to cool of in the water (together with the cows )
Mini NL1Mini NL2Mini NL3


06.07.2023 NOCH confirmed for Mini
Norwegian show champion NOCH now confirmed for the young lady ❤️
Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini ❤️

02.07.2023, Nat. show, KHKG, Køge, Denmark
New Danish Show champion DKCH ❗️
And 2 times BOB achieved at nat. show in DK today
Carmson’s Never-say-Never Nila aka Mini got her last CAC today and earned the DKCH title..
So now it’s also time to apply for NOCH – as the CAC’s from last year should be “waiting”..
Besides this, Nova was at the show and got 2 times excellent with great criticques and 2 x 3rd best female..
Their brother Carmson’s Nenya Numenor aka Melvin with owner Emma had their debut – ane one of a kind!
2 x CAC, 2 x BOS and ended the day with a BISBOS4 – well done ⭐️⭐️
Mini is powered by Royal Canin!
Thanks to all for a nice day!
Melvin1Rosetter BIR
19th and 20th of May 2023 Euro Dog Show, Denmark
These two enjoying life (as they do in general) but getting home after two days in Herning with shows!
Open class entry:
VIJV22 DKJUCH ROV22 ROJV22 KLBJCH KBHJV22 BH IFH-V Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini
EDS2023, 1st, excellent, CQ
AGRIA winner, 1st, excellent
Champion class entry:
DKCH CZCH KBHV-21 KLBCH BH IFH-V IFH1 IFH2 Carmson’s Marvellous Macie EDS, 4th, excellent, CQ

01.04.2023 Yet another tracking exam today
Macie (DKCH CZCH KBHV21 BH AK(SE) IFH-V KLBCH IFH1 SIWISCG Carmson’s Marvellous Macie) can now add IFH2 to her resume
I was extremely happy to see that some of the areas we have worked with, has improved significantly… but as the life with Macie is a constant surprise due to her always creative mind, curiosity, stubbornness and strong will – some things also did not go as expected.. but what – nice to know that there still is a lot to work on
We passed today with 78 points and look forward to the next track

Maciespor1 Maciespor2

24.03.2023 tracking exam today
Mini the youngster (VIJV22 DKJUCH ROV22 ROJV22 KLBJCH KBHJV22 NOJV22 BH Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila) battled the challenging heavy wind, earned 84 points and passed the IFH-V
Proud of this little super ”puppy” ❤️

Mini IFHV2 MiniIFHV1

26.02.2023 SHOW OF WINNERS
VIJV22 DKJUCH ROV22 ROJV22 KLBJCH KBHJV22 NOJV22 BH Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini ❤️
Debut and qualified for this prestigious show…
First heat blue ribbon and then waiting for sweepstake where she won group 1 ⭐️⭐️
Mini SOW1 Mini SOW2 Mini SOW3

12.02.2023 – Sirius Winter Sniff Challenge 2023 – Nose work
Woohoo just got this in my mailbox
Nosework challenge winter 2023 – awarded with Gold ⭐️⭐️
DKCH CZCH KBHV21 CLBCH BH AK-SE IFH-V IFH-1 and now also SIWISCG  Carmson’s Marvellous Macie ❤️
Macie winter

12.02.2023 – BH Exam
Today VIJV22 DKJUCH ROV22 ROJV22 KLBJCH KBHJV22 NOJV22 Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini have passed the BH ❤️ ⭐️
So now we can start the next journey..
BH Mini 2023

29.01.2023 – Nat show, KHKG, Kolding, DK
Macie and I took a trip to Kolding to participate in the first club show of 2023
2 x BOS and one time BISBOS
Just love this girl ❤️
Macie kolding 20231 Macie kolding 20232

08.01.2023 – IFH2 Tracking exam
Huge congrats to Marie-Louise and BH IFHV IFH1 IFH2 Carmson’s Jumping Jace who passed yet another IFH2 exam with 80 point..

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

2022 in review!

21.12.2022 – X-ray results 
New X-ray result from the N-litter
Carmson’s Noble Noir Neptun HD: A, Elbows: 0

11.12.2022 – IFH tracking exam

A long cold but very cozy day with tracking – IFH exams
Marie-Louise and BH IFH-V IFH-1 Carmson’s jumping Jace passed IFH-2 with 90 points
Myself and DKCH CZCH CLBCH KBHV21 BH AK(SE) IFH-V Carmson’s Marvellous Macie passed IFH-1 with 75 points – yes room for improvement – but pretty satisfied with her anyway ❤️
Macie is powered by Royal Canin
Jace and Macie

26.11.2022 – National double show, KHKG, Denmark + dog of the year

Last show this year – Nat. Double Show KHKG Kolding, DK
Carmson’s Marvellous Macie
2 x BOB
1 x BIS2
1 x BIS3
And also today she achieved her club champion title!
Macie is powered by Royal Canin ⭐️⭐️
Her brother AK-SE Carmson’s Mr. Movitz
2 x CAC and 2 x BOS
Movitz is owned and loved by Eva and Ulf Signal
Both dogs were handled superb by Erica Lykke Holt
Thanks to the board for yet another great show and to the judges Michael Laub and Hans Erik Pedersen for thinking so highly of both dogs..
And as per the tradition, dogs of the year was awarded. KHKG Bouvier of the year 2022: DKCH KBHV19 KLBCH NOCH NOV22 Hit Alivet Fire Phoenix aka Felix ⭐️
Felix is also powered by Royal Canin

22.10.2022 – Youth dog mental behavior test (UHM)
This day 5 of the lovely dogs from the N-Litter participated in the youth dog mental behavior test (UHM)

25.09.2022 Int. show, KBH Winner show, Denmark 

DKK Int. Show Ballerup
Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini – Copenhagen junior Winner 2022 (KBHJV22) and 2nd best female ❤️
Judge Charlotte Højer
Presented by Erica Lykke Holt

Mini ballerup

23.09.2022 IFH Tracking exam, Denmark ⭐️

DKCH CZCH KBHV21 AK-SE BH Carmson’s Marvellous Macie passed IFH V today with 88 points!
Last object was lost – somehow the birds have removed it out of the track – but pretty satisfied with her work ❤️

Macie IFHV

06.09.2022 – Eye examination 
Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini: ECVO Free

03.09.2022-04.09.2022 – National 3 shows – KHKG 25 year anniversary 
DKCH CZCH KBHV21 BH AK-SE Carmson’s Marvellous Macie
Saturday show2: BOS, club cac, jubiiwinner, BISBOS2
And winner of SUPREME BISBOS ⭐️⭐️❤️⭐️⭐️
Sunday show3: BOS, club cac, Thorwinner, BISBOS3

DKJUCH VIJV22, ROV22, ROJV22, NOJV22 Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini
Saturday show1: CAC, Clubjunior CAC, BOS, Jels winner and Jels junior winner, BISBOS3
Saturday show2: CAC, clubjunior cac, 2nd best female, jubii junior winner
Sunday show3: CAC, clubjunior cac, 2nd best female, Thor junior winner, BIS2-Junior ⭐️❤️⭐️
And new KLBJCH title to the list
DKCH NOCH KLBCH KBHV19 NOV22 Hit Alivet Fire Phoenix aka Felix
Saturday show2: BOB, jubii winner
Sunday show3: BOB, Thor winner, BIS2 ⭐️❤️⭐️
Thanks to all for a great weekend, especially to the board for a well organized show. Ella Laursen it was great to see you Erik Hedahl Frank thank you for stepping in and helping showing in the ring.
Morten Matthes and Michael Laub for a pleasant and fun experience in the ring and also to the other two judges Maja and Draco Korosec. As well as a huge thanks to Marianne Baden and Hans Erik Pedersen for selecting Macie as supreme BISBOS
BIR og BIM BIR og BIM2 Ella og Mini Supreme BISBOS

14.08.2022 Show’s Sweden and Bornholm
Also today great news from the shows in Denmark and Sweden (whilst I’m still relaxing in Scotland) ⭐️⭐️⭐️

KORAD Carmson’s Mr. Movitz (picture) BOB and Nordic CAC in Ronneby, Sweden
At Bornholm, Denmark DKJUCH DKJUBIJV Carmson’s Noble Nova, EX1
Thanks for showing your lovely dogs ❤️
Both of them are off course enjoying meals from Royal Canin
13.08.2022 – Show Bornholm, DK
Woohoo – just received great news from Bornholm!
Carmson’s Noble Nova is junior champion after todays show at Bornholm – also being placed as 2nd best female plus got the DKK Jubilee Junior winner title
Huge congrats to Lisbeth and NK
Thanks to Kristina for your support
Nova off course enjoy meals from Royal Canin
03.08.2022 – Eye examination 
Carmson’s Marvellous Macie
ECVO – Clear
18.07.2022 – X-ray results
X-ray results just arrived for
Carmson’s Nenya Numenor aka Melvin
Hips: B
Elbows: 0
Congrats to Emma and Casper

03.07.2022 – exterior description, SE
So today it was for Macie to be evaluated (all bits and pieces, measurement of Hight, length and body etc.) to see if she could get this part approved for the KORAD (AK-SE) title.
The judge was thrilled and so so happy to see a bouvier of this high quality – she could not recall since when this had happen (yes I was the proud breeder and owner listening to this :-))
She was approved with only one small remark – and can now add KORAD (AK-SE) to the list of titles as she passed the other part the Mental Test about a month ago.
Below Macie and her brother Movitz – both KORAD in Sweden
Macie og movitz

02.07.2022 National Double show, DK
Phew what a day – way too hot for me and Felix also kind of checked out.. one show was enough he thought – and can’t blame him..

DKCH NOCH KBHV-19 NV-22 Hit Alivet Fire Phoenix aka Felix
Show 1: BOB, BIS3
Show 2: BOS

Carmson’s Noble Nova
Show 1: VG
Show 2: excellent, ck, junior cert, bf3
Congrats to Lisbeth and NK
Thanks to the board for a well organized show!
Felix køge Nova køge

22.06.2022 – X-ray result
Carmson’s No Name aka Hugo
Hips: A, 
Elbows: 0 
Congrats to Michael and Tinne

17-19 June 2022 – Shows in Norway

❗️3 Day show In Sandefjord, Norway❗️
Cozy times in between the shows with a lot of bouvier people – 12/13 bouviers entered each day!
Friday, 17.06.2022, Int:
DKCH KBHV21 Hit Alivet Fire Phoenix aka Felix, excellent2, CK, BH3, CERT – new Norwegian Champion
DKJUCH VIJV22,ROJV22,ROV22 Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini; excellent1, CK, BT2, CERT.
DKCH CZCH KBHV21 BH Carmson’s Marvellous Macie, excellent2.
Saturday, 18.06.2022, Nordic and Norwegian Winner show:
DKCH NOCH KBHV21 Hit Alivet Fire Phoenix aka Felix, excellent1, CK, BOS and NV-22
DKJUCH VIJV22,ROJV22,ROV22 Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini; excellent1, CK, BT3 – NJV22
DKCH CZCH KBHV21 BH Carmson’s Marvellous Macie, excellent3, CK
Sunday, 19.06.2022, Int.;
DKCH NOCH KBHV21 NV-22 Hit Alivet Fire Phoenix aka Felix, excellent2, CK, BH3
DKJUCH VIJV22,ROJV22,ROV22 NJV-22 Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini; excellent1, CK, BT3, CERT.
Carmson’s Notorius Nuuka, VG
DKCH CZCH KBHV21 BH Carmson’s Marvellous Macie, excellent3, CK
BIRBIM Sandefjord
08.06.2022 – X-ray result
Yet another result arrived:

Carmson’s Noble Nova
Hips: A
Elbows: 0
Congrats to Lisbeth and NK

06.06.2022 – Mental test adult dogs in Sweden
❗️Congrats to Eva and Ulf with Carmson’s Mr. Movitz whom today passed the MT. Previously have an approved exterior description and can from today add the title KORAD AK-SE❗️
Sister DKCH CZCH KBHV21 BH Carmson’s Marvellous Macie did also pass the MT today but the title is pending the approved exterior description (date booked – more news when we have been there)
Happy to say that this is a test not all dogs can pass so thrilled that we again have dogs from our breeding achieving  this!

03.06.2022 X-ray result

I always hate when the pups grow to the age of 1 year pending the results of hips and elbows…
But now first result have come in and happy to announce the result for
Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini
Hips: A
Elbows: 0

Wish you all a nice weekend

26.05.2022 – unofficial show, Bakken, Denmark

Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini was the only Bouvier, ended with BOB and in the main ring achieved a BIS4 junior in a very large group of Juniors.
Happy about her behavior in this very stressful environment ❤️
BIS4 bakken

12-14th May 2022 – International shows, Nordic show, Roskilde, Denmark

❗️3 day show in Roskilde❗️
Friday 12th of May 2022
Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini achieved her  junior certificate and by that got the title Danish Junior champion DKJUCH. Besides this she won best Junior female and the title Viking Junior winner (VIJV-22), ended up as 2nd best female
Carmson’s Noble Nova achieved excellent in Junior class
Saturday 13th of May 2022
Mini went the whole way winning BOB, achieved the adult Certificate, and the titles Roskilde Junior winner (ROJV-22), Roskilde winner (ROV-22).
Nova achieved very good
 Sunday 14th of May 2022
Carmson’s Noble Nova, excellent with CK, achieved the Junior certificate and became 2nd best female
Mini achieved a Very good.

Roskilde2022 Mini Roskilde


09.05.2022 – N-litter 1 year birthday
Below Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini
Mini 1 year old

01.05.2022 – New champion
Happy to receive information from Norway that Carmson’s Kozy Kamille is now both DKCH and NOCH
Congratulations to Roger and Hildegun

29.04.2022 – Sad to say good bye to my best friend
Today was way the worst in a while. I had to make the decision to say goodbye to my best friend Ino.
We have had so many good times, have learned a lot from him and he as given me soo much.
He was one of a kind – the biggest puppy in the world, the most excellent temperament you could wish for – even some would say he was a difficult one – but it was simply a matter of understanding him as the dog he was!
He was “rescued” while coming back to us just before he turned 1 year – so happy for almost 7 years with this giant puppy being the most proud and strong dog ever!
He will always have a special place in my heart – even the house will feel empty without him around. ❤️❤️


12.03.2022 – national double show, KHKG, DK
Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila aka Mini (picture) was awarded with 2 x JCAC, 2 CAC, and 2 x BOB. And for show 2 also a BIS3-Junior…
needless to say I’m very happy with this young girl ❤️
She’s powered by Royal Canin Maxi puppy

Carmson’s No Name aka Hugo, 1 x VG, 1 x excellent in junior class – owned by Michael Sejer Holmen
Carmson’s Noble Nova, 2 x Excellent in junior class owned by Lisbeth and Niels Kristian Bau Madsen.
Carmson’s Kia Kacilles, 2 x Excellent, CK and 2x3rd best female. Owned by Janne Steen
Also congrats to Gun with best puppy and 2nd best female.
Thanks to the board for a great show, and initiative to collect to support Ukraine. Thanks for nice company and to the judges for spending their time judging our dogs: Benny Blid and Nina Karlsdotter.
Mini 10 moths old
12.02.2022 – International Show DKK, Fredericia
Felix (DKCH Hit Alivet Fire Phoenix) not in best condition today but was awarded with excellent.
The youngster – Mini (Carmson’s Never-Say-Never Nila) showed well only 3 days after leaving puppy class, but still needs to grow up – however awarded with excellent… she had fun and had a nice time ❤️
Congrats to Anja Langfeldt with BOB and To Yvonne and Milli with BOS
Just a happy Jump – Carmson’s Marvellous Macie during her favourite sport – bitework – just love her ❤️
Jumping macie

2021 in review!

28.11.2021 – Working dog trial
Woohoo…  Today Marie-Louise and Carmson’s Jumping Jace passed IFH1 with 92 points.
Hugs and greetings from a proud breeder

27.11.2021 – Working dog trial
Today she passed the BH exam – so we are ready to next step with IGP  DKCH CZCH KBHV21 BH Carmson’s Marvellous Macie ❤️


KHKG double show 20.11.2021 ⭐️

Also last show of the year and the points was calculated..
So happy and proud to announce that my very beloved old lady DKCH SECH NOCH NORDCH INTCH WVW21 IPO1 IPO2 Carmson’s Fancy Fifi was awarded with:
⭐️ KHKG Dog of the year 2 – 2021 (all breeds) ⭐️
⭐️ KHKG Veteran of the year 2 – 2021 (all breeds) ⭐️
⭐️ KHKG breed Winner 2021⭐️
A great achievement for a dog that is now 11,5 years old! And with this last years result it’s also time for her to retire from the show world ❤️
Thanks to all judges that throughout her show career have thought so highly of her and awarded her quality


20.11.2021 – announcement of KHKG Breed winner 2020 (delay due to COVID)
With some delay caused by COVID it was announced that KHKG breed winner 2020 was DKCH KBHV19 Carmson’s Lucky Liva aka Blob ❤️❤️
Blob 1 Blob racevinder Blob3

14.11.2021 – Exterior description – Sweden
Today Carmson’s Mr. Movitz received approval on the exterior description. This is one part of two to achieve the breeding approval (AK) in Sweden.
Huge congrats to Eva and Ulf from a proud breeder

30.10.2021   Show of Winners 2021 
Again this year i was so lucky to have dogs that had qualified to join this year’s event for the top show dogs in Denmark

DKCH INTCH SECH NOCH NORDCH WVW21 KBHV14 DKV14 DKKV14 KBHVV18,19,21 DKKVV18, NORDVV18 DKVECH SEV 14, NOVV18 CZVCH AK(SE) FP, FPR1, IPO1, IPO2 Carmson’s Fancy Fifi made it to the quarter final in the Veteran Cup and lost to the Bullmastiff (who won the veteran cup and later became BIS3) ❤️
DKCH CZCH KBHV21 Carmson’s Marvellous Macie had her debut to Show of Winners and actually think she enjoyed the party
Also she made it to the quarter finals in her cup and here she was beaten by a Samojed dog – who was placed as 2nd in the cup-finals.
2021SOW415 2021SOW418 2021SOW422

23.10.2021 Working dog trial, Denmark 
Woohoo huge congrats to Ella and BH IGPV IGP1 Carmson’s Iceage Illuna who today passed IFH-V (track) with 92 points!
Well done ladies  ❤️

23.10.2021  KHKG nat. doubleshow In Årslev, DK

Debut for the youngster Carmson’s Never-say-Never Nila aka Mini – 2 times Very Promising, 1 x BISBaby2 and 1 x BISBaby 4
The very loved Old lady Carmson’s Fancy Fifi was awarded with 2 times BOS ❤️ (congrats to Anja with Nyles for BOB) 1 x BISVETERAN 4 and 1 x BISBOS3 ❤️

Thanks to the board for a well organized show, the judges for spending the day judging our dogs, my “neighbor” Britt for a great and cozy day


10.10.2021 – Swedish obedience trial
So today happy news arrived as Marie-Louise and Carmson’s Jumping Jace passed the beginner class in obedience and is now ready to start in the Swedish program.
huge congrats to the two ladies – well done”

30.09.2021  WDS 2021, Brno, Czech Republic

Carmson’s Fancy Fifi, ex1 and World Veteran Winner 2021 ❤️ and also now Czech veteran champion
Carmson’s Marvellous Macie, 1ex in open class, CAC, new Czech champion


19.09.2021 DKK Int. show, Ballerup, Denmark
WOOO HOOO… Macie achieved her 3rd CAC in a row in her first 3 shows ever and is now DKCH. As she became best female she was also rewarded with the KBHV-21 title. She achieved BOB and CACIB.. Fifi was also there – a bit tired though – but she became 2nd best female, best veteran in the breed and got her 3rd Copenhagen Veteran Winner title – KBHVV-21 ❤️

Macie August 2021
Macie presented and groomed by Harald Edvardsen :-)

12.09.2021 – UHM (Youth dog mental test)
Today Carmson’s Magic Mascot aka Manse joined the UHM test for young dogs

12.07.2021 – N-litter page is updated
The lovely “monsters” have turned 9 weeks. 4 moved to new homes last Sunday and have received very positive feedback :-)
Two is moving this week and 2 ladies is waiting before they can enter Sweden and Norway.
And then Mini has now her own website as well.

03.07.2021 National Show – Denmark (KHKG)
Today this lovely lady and me had a ego-trip away from puppies and the rest of the pack to join nat show in Koege – KHKG… and she – despite her 11 years – just keep going! As promised to her and today one of the judges we will stop on the top.. but lets see if that is the time now or later this year ❤️ so far she’s still going strong!
INTCH IPO2 Carmson’s Fancy Fifi was honored with 2 x BOB, 2 x BIS2-veteran and 1 x BIS2 ❤️❤️
Thank you to the judges, the board for arranging the show and Royal Canin for sponsoring with Royal Canin Maxi agening 8+ and last but not least Iben for support during the day.
Fifi juli 1 Fifi juli 2

05.06.2021 – National Show – Denmark (KHKG) and F-litters 11th Birthday
What a Day!!! 2 shows at KHKG – a long, warm and cozy day!
Carmson’s Fancy Fifi celebrated her 11th year birthday showing; 1 x BOB, 1x3rd best female, 2 x BISVETERAN happy birthday “young lady” hope for many more ❤️❤️
Debut In the show ring for Carmson’s Marvellous Macie at the age of 22 months – and what a debut!!! 2 x CAC, 1 x BOB and finally BEST IN SHOW!!!! ❤️
Thanks to the judges for thinking so highly of my ladies, thank you Erik for help with handling, Britt and Trinidad for Pictures!
Both dogs are sponsored by Royal Canin and Greendog!
Fifi1 juni Macie 2 juni Macie1 juni

15.05.2021 – National show – Denmark (KHKG)
WHAT A DAY…. first huge thanks to all met during the show for help and assistance with showing the ladies and thanks to KGHG board for yet a well arranged show. Last but not least also a huge thanks to both judges for thinking so highly of my dogs and especially for my old lady Fifi!
INTCH IPO2 AK-SE Carmson’s Fancy Fifi – who will turn 11 on the 5th of June 2021 – was honored with no less than 2 x BOB, 1 x BIS, 1 x BISVETETRAN, , 1 x BIS2 og 1 x BIS2veteran ❤️
Carmson’s Lucky Liva aka Blob 2 x excellent with CK, 1 time 2nd best female and 1 time 4th best female
Felix (Hit Alivet fire Phoenix) 2 x BOS and  2 x BISBOS2.
Fifi have
09.05.2021 – N-Litter is born
Happy days – N-litter is born! 4 males and 5 females – looking forward to the next 8 weeks ❤️
Please go to N-litter page for more information.
1 week 1 week_a

25.04.2021 – IGP2 
WUHUU today Ino and I managed to pass the IGP2 with A: 93, B: 70 and C: 84 (A+/UDP).. yes there are room for improvements BUT I’m soooo happy that our issues with track now finally seem to be solved…


24.05.2021 – Mental test (Youth dogs) – Denmark
Macie had a big party and showed a really strong, curious and high drive test. If you want to see more – the result is to be found on her own site.

10.03.2021 – Mating
Please see more details on the N-litter site

04.03.2021 – Eye examination result
Capillatus Diamantique aka Pusle – ECVO certificate – clear

21.02.2021 – Mental test (Youth dogs) – Sweden
Carmson’s Mr. Moviz had a great time with Eva today – great result of the test – so proud!

10.02.2021 – Winter time – Macie
Macie feb 2021 

05.02.2021 – puppy plans
We are planning N-litter during spring/summer 2021 – updates to follow!

18.01.2021 – Eye examination results
Hit Alivet Fire Phoenix – ECVO certificate – clear
Carmson’s Kia Kacilles – ECVO certificate – clear

12.01.2021 – Heart scanning – results
Carmson’s Lucky Lucca – heart scan and EKG – All clear
Hit Alivet Fire Phoenix – heart scan and EKG – All clear
Carmson’s Kia Kacilles – heart scan and EKG – All clear
Fifi  our wonderful old lady at 10,5 years old – heart scan and EKG – all looks good for her age! Better safe to know if anything to be aware of now we are entering a “puppy” into elderly care even you do not feel that on her – but a deep senior check is what you as a minimum must ensure that they get!

11.01.2021 – New Hip and ED result + new site for “Pusle” – Capillatus Diamantique
Happy brags!
Capillatus Diamantique HD: B, ED: 0

02.01.2021 – New start and updated website
After a couple of years focusing on Facebook updates it’s now time to spend some effort in updating and maintaining the website.
Some menu-items have been updated, data on the dogs, new-comers to the family also some has left us over the rainbow bridge and some is now “retired” from a breeding perspective – but still active dogs.

2020 in review!

December 31st 2020
Happy New year to all of you – wish you all the best for a healthy and safe 2021!

December 6th 2020
Ino passed GPR2 (Group B and C in IGP2) with the highest points ever B: 89 and C: 90 and A+
As some of you who have followed our journey knows – we have some issues with the track, but also the fact that I had to realize that during exams and trials it was not really me handling Ino but Ino handling me – and that was clearly expressed in the behavior and from there to the points. So this time, new approach, new preparation approach and that finally paid off! so next step is to add the track and then se what happens :-)

IMG_2421 IMG_2727

November 7th 2020
Today Macie and I participated in a follow up course with Lea Nor in “Fri ved fod” – how to keep focus and get the expected behavior from the dogs.
Always new ways and thoughts – and all of this is valuable for the future obedience training.

October 6th 2020
Today it’s exactly 30 years ago I picked up my first bouvier – if you want to read the story – look at “about us – our history”

September 25th 2020
Happy brags – news from Sweden – Carmson’s Mr. Movitz now have official x-ray results: HD: A and ED: 0. Big congrats to Eva and Ulf :-)

September 16th 2020
Happy brags – news from Amager- Carmson’s Magic Mascot now have official x-ray results: HD: A and ED: 0. Big congrats to Tine :-)

September 15th 2020
WOHO – x-ray results from Carmson’s Marvellous Macie dumped in the mailbox today! Hips = A, Elbows = 0. No need to say that I’m happy with this :-)

September 5th 2020
National show results – hosted by KHKG doing a great job in these covid-19 times.
DKCH KLBCH KBHV19 Carmson’s Lucky Liva 2 times BOB and on show 1 also achieved BIS2
INTCH IPO2 DKVCH Carmson’s Fancy Fifi did it again – 2 times 2nd female and 2 times BISVETERAN – just love this old lady to the moon and back.
Carmson’s Lucky Lucca had her debut and achieved excellent and was placed as 5th best female.

September 2020

August 9th 2020
First show In corona times for us. Thanks to all in KHKG for making this possible and for all to keep all guidelines..
So despite very high temperatures the ladies performed well

DKCH KBHV19 Carmson’s Lucky Liva was awarded with BOB and BIS2 ❤️
INTCH NORDCH DKVCH IPO2 Carmson’s Fancy Fifi was placed as 3rd best bitch and awarded with BIS2-veteran ❣️
thank you Iben for assisting with handling ❤️
Thank you Birgitte Schjøth for thinking so highly of my ladies
Køge 2 august 2020 Køge 3 august 2020 Køge 4 august 2020 Køge august 2020


August 8th 2020
M-litter turns 1 year today!

April 19th 2020
This was really a sad sad day. Fanta left us the most tragic way…. still in our hearts – always in our minds!
Thank you Anita and Bjørn for giving her the best retirement years ever…

March 8th 2020
News from Sweden Marie-Louise and Jace (Carmson’s Jumping Jace) took their debut in the tracking IFH-V today and passed with 89 points – Big contracts well done ladies!!!

February 22nd 2020
WOO HOO – my best ever – Fifi – DKCH SECH NOCH NORDCH INTCH AK-SE DKVCH IPO2 Carmsons Fancy Fifi became 3rd in the Veteran cup final at this years show of winners – incredible.
Last year it was her granddaughter that won the Debutant cup and was placed as 5 in the grand final.
Years back in Fifi’s younger days she won Sweepsteake and took the 4th place in the finals.

Fifi SOW 2020

2019 in review

September 21st 2019
DKK int. show in Ballerup… 3 Copenhagen winners with Carmson’s Fancy Fifi in veteran and to add to that also a BIS3 veteran for the lady.
Carmson’s Lucky Liva aka Blob became BOS and got her last CAC (first try I open class) and achieved the DKCH title.
Hit Alivet Fire Phoenix BOB
Fifi Ballerup 2019
September 9th 2019
Just because they are sooo cute :-)
Issa med hvalpe
August 11th 2019
Two national shows conducted by KHKG in Køge, Denmark.
Show 1:
Hit Alivet Fire Phoenix, ex, CAC, BOB
Carmson’s Jumping Jace, VG
Carmson’s Fancy Fifi, ex, BOS, BISVETERAN BISBOS
Show 2:
Hit Alivet Fire Phoenix, ex, CAC, BOS, BISBOS4 – New DKCH today
Carmson’s Jumping Jace, Ex, CAC, 2bt
Carmson’s Fancy Fifi, ex, BOB, BIS2-Veteran
Fifi 2 køge 2019 Fifi køge 2019
August 8th 2019
M-litter was born. 3 males and 1 female after Carmson’s Iceage Issa & INTCH Maldas Imze
Zingo Issa
 July 21st 2019
Yet another cozy trip to the Netherlands – this time to participate in the Clubmatch for Bouviers!
Happy brags and great results this year!!!!
INTCH DKVCH IPO2 Carmson’s Fancy Fifi – the old lady still behaving like a puppy – became best veteran.
The young lady Carmson’s Lucky Liva (aka Blob) made it to a 2nd place in intermediate class.
DKCH NOCH Carmson’s Jezebel Jackie got excellent and was taken out along with 5 others for the main ring but was not placed.
Hit Alivet Fire Phoenix got excellent in open class.
Marie-Louise Martinsson joined the trip and showed Carmson’s Jumping Jace to excellent and both did a great job
Pernille Puggaard Thomsen had entered Capillatus Diamantique (aka Pusle) who was awarded with a very good.
DKCH IPO2 Carmson’s Handsome Hero got excellent and won working class males
Support with handling from Bouviers Edigna and pictures from Mika Bouviers von Mirushome
– thank you ladies..
Felix HollandFifi HollandJackie Holland
May 30th 2019
So a long cold and rainy day spent at the KHKG nat. Show today.
Results from Show 1:
Carmson’s Fancy Fifi BOB, BIS3 and BIS-Veteran
Carmson’s Lucky Liva aka Blop, CAC, 2nd best female
Hit Alivet Fire Phoenix aka Felix, VG
Results from Show 2:
Hit Alivet Fire Felix BOB, BIS2
Carmson’s Lucky Liva, CAC, BOS, BISBOS3
Carmson’s Fancy Fifi, V-CAC, 2nd female, BIS2–Veteran
Thank you Pernille and Ella for great company and efficient BWC 2019 planning meeting.
May 25th 2019 
CACIB show Neumunster, Germany
First show then shopping in Neumünster!
Carmson’s Lucky Liva aka Blob took BOB (with CAC and CACIB)
Carmson’s Fancy Fifi BOB veteran (unfortunately time constraints with breed and main ring judging so no main ring for us )
Hit Alivet Fire Phoenix aka Felix res CAC and res CACIB.
Picture not the best but a shot from the day!
Blob tysklandBlob tyskland2
April 6th 2019
Just been at a panagenics grooming seminar – very valuable and great products that really makes a difference!
Try yourself – get the products here:
Felix panagenics
February 17th 2019
Show of winners 2019 – What a Day!!!!
So tired but incredibly happy after my little young Blob – Carmson’s Lucky Liva took it the whole way and won the debutant cup (32 participants all breeds) and became 5th at this years Show of Winners!
SOW 2019IMG_9842_debutantcupwinner (002) AdjustedIMG_9842_debutantcupwinner (002)
January 26th 2019
Carmson’s Handsome Hero was awarded Sportsdog of the year 2018 based on an approved IPO2 and title as winner of the Danish National Championship in KHKG 2018.
Big contracts to Hero and  Pernille.

2018 – to be updated

2017 in review

November 26th, 2017,  KHKG Club Championship IPO
HAPPY BRAGS!!! Ella and Illuna passed the IPOV, Pernille and Hero passed IPO1 and both became winners of their classes..

November 25th, 2017, KHKG national show, DK
Elsebeth joined 2 shows this day with Rufus and was awarded 2 times excellent

October 21st – 22nd, 2017, Bouvier World Championship IPO 2017
Ino became 4th out of all entered in IPO1 and IPO2 – very happy about my “little” boy’s performance – still a puppy in his head, but able to handle such a pressure
Fifi and Jace was entered for show – Fifi excellent and winner of working class females. Jace very good and placed as 4th in open class.
Pernille did participate with Hero but they did just not agree on how to do obedience in Germany..

Ino2 Ino5

September 24th, 2017 – IPO Exam with Ino
WE DID IT!!! today Ino and I passed IPO1 with A83, B70, C82 and A. Jippie

September 2017 – updates
Realizing that updates on both website and FB is a bit hard to manage when available time is not really something you have a lot of!
So trying to catch up the next few days on all that have happened.

August 27th., 2017 NSBK Norway
Carmson’s Kozy Kamille BOB and BIS puppy – congratulations to Hildegunn & Roger :-)

August 24th, 2017, L-litter is born
What a day.. our L-litter saw the world.. 7 healthy pups ready to concour the world

August 12th. 2017 NDS KHKG
Carmson’s Keen Kiwi first time at show – 2 times very promising and one time BIS3-Baby
Carmson’s Iceage Issa, 2 times excellent with CK and 2nd best female
Carmson’s Heroic Hanibal, 1 time BOB and one time good

May 25th., 2017 – NDS KHKG
Carmson’s Heroic Hannibal 2 times BOB, 1 time BIS4 and 1 time BIS
Carmson’s Jumping Jace, 2 times excellent

April 30th., 2017 – BPB nationals DK
Ino and I gave it a try and did participate in the nationals held in BPB. Well.. place for improvement – but it was a great experience :-)

April 17th., 2017 – IPO exams
Marie-Louise and Jace passed the BH
Ino passed the BPB

March 25th., 2017 – NDS KHKG
Carmson’s Heroric Hanibal 2 times BOB and 1 time BIS4

March 2017 – K-litter was born
On March 1st. our K-litter saw the world. Parents are DKCH SECH INTCH IPO2 Carmson’s Fancy Fifi and NLCH Nicolas Black Mystic Legend.

February 12th., 2017 – BH 
Ino passed the BH :-)

February 2017 – Felix has joined the pack
Our newcomer – Hit Alivet Fire Phoenix has joined the pack :-)

January 2017 – Cudjo awarded with Veteran of the year 2016
At the age of almost 11 years old Cudjo was awarded with the title of Veteran of the year 2016 in KHKG. Still going strong..

October 18th, 2016 – Update of web
Catching up with news from the past months. And Jackie has got her own page now :-)

October 1st, 2016 – Nat show Denmark – Aars

Show 1:
Carmson’s Gigolo Gazz, ex, CK, CAC and BOB
Carmson’s Charming Cudjo, ex, BIS-veteran
Carmson’s Jezebel Jackie, ex

Show 2:
Carmson’s Gigolo Gazz, ex, ck, CAC
Carmson’s Charming Cudjo, ex, CK, BOS. BIS-veteran and BOSBIS2
Carmson’s Jezebel Jackie, CK, CAC, clubjuniorcac, BOB, BIS4-junior

So happy with all results
Thanks Jeannette Sjöberg for a great day and congrats with our Gazz

September 18, 2016 – Int. show in Ballerup

DKK INT show today In Ballerup.. My one and only NORDCH, INTCH IPO2 Carmson’s Charming Cudjo got BOB, Copenhagen Winner and Copenhagen Veteran Winner
Youngster Jackie excellent and if she had been able to keep at least 2 legs on the ground in some sort of movement without biting my arm and jumping she would have had CK as well… Might need to do some training in this

September, 2016 – Fifi and I do model work for

August, 26th, 2016 European Dog Show, Brussel

Yippeeee Cudjo became European Veteran Winner :-) and Mia was placed as 2nd in a huge open class. Together with Dorte we achieved 2nd best Breeders class in the JRT ring…
euwinnercudjo eumia

August 6th, 2016 Nat. show Denmark

Double show at KHKG Køge.. .
Cudjo 2xbm 2 m/ck, 1 X BIS4 og 1 X BIS3 veteran
Jace 2xvg
Jackie 2xexcellent og 1 X ck, juniorcert og BIS3 junior
Fifi 2 X BIM og 1 X BISBIM
Congrats to BOB and DKCH to both Marie with Volle (offspring from Fifi) and to Helle and Morten with Dux (offspring from Cudjo) 
And to Janne with a CAC to Vilja (Fifi offspring) 
Thanks to all for a great day.

July 23th, 2016 Herning Open
Ino and I together with Gazz and Jeannette participated in Beginner B (pure obedience).. For my part it was to test Ino – where he was and how he coped with the new environment on such a competition. It was a great experience. Both did well and as expected and for Ino above my expectations actually.. So happy for this boy.

June 13th, 2016 – sad sad day

Today I lost a part of my heart.. My wonderful Caia has passed away over the rainbow bridge. Always in my heart.

June 10th, 2016 – Health results
Carmson’s Iceage Issa, hips A and elbows 0 – so happy.. Congratulations Annette!

June 4th, 2016 – Bouvier specialty Show Sweden
Happy brags!!
Cudjo won BOB and Fifi BOS. To that Cudjo became BOB Veteran.
Carmson’s Isage Issa had her debut in open class and got excellent with CK and was placed as 2nd in the class.
The two sisters Jace and Jackie was awarded with very promising and was first and second in the class. Jace took the BOB puppy..

So humble and proud of my dogs…

May 28th, 2016 Nat. show KHKG Denmark, Taulov
Cudjo took his 5th and 6th BIS-Veteran in a row today…
Carmsons Charming Cudjo BIS veteran * 2. BIS BIM.
Carmsons Jezebel Jackie BIS Puppy 2 & BIS Puppy 3.
Excerno Vintage Vizzla BIR*2.
Excerno Vigilant Viva 2bt, CERT and earned the DKCH title today
Jackies sister Carmsons Jumping Jace were at a show in Sweden and became BIS2 puppy.
What a day :-)

Cudjo KHKG 2016

May 6th, 2016 – IPO Exam, Silkeborg
Yipppeee…. Today Fifi and I was at the IPO2 exam in Silkeborg and passed with 80 in A, 90 in B og 88 in C in total 258 point and UDP

Also Pernille Puggaard Thomsen and Carmson’s Handsome Hero passed the IPO-V with 72 in A, 75 in B og 95 in C in total 242 point og UDP

April 2016 – Health results
Carmson’s Heroic Hannibal, B on hips, 0 on elbows and eyes clear :-)

April 2nd, 2016 Nat. show KHKG Denmark, Køge
Udstilling 1 – dommer: Ilona Onstenk-schenk
Jackie, SL, BIS2-baby
Rufus (Carmson’s heroic Hanibal), ex, ck, cert,
Cudjo, ex, ck, BIM, BISBIM, BIS-veteran
Viva (excerno Vigilant Viva af Fifi),ex, ck, cert,
Vizzla, ex, ck, BIR, BIS3
Dux ex, ck,

Udstilling 2 – dommer: Kitty Sjong
Jackie, SL, BIS2-baby
Rufus (Carmson’s heroic Hanibal), ex, ck, cert, og nu DKCH
Cudjo, ex, ck, BIR, BIS-veteran
Viva (excerno Vigilant Viva af Fifi),ex, ck, cert,
Vizzla, ex, ck, BIM, BISBIM
Dux vg

February 21, 2016 Show of Winners
Cudjo did participate in veteran Cup – unfortunately we met the beautiful Lhasa Apso so we “only” went to the quarter final:
show of winners 2016
KHKG breed Winner 2015 – Carmson’s Charming Cudjo


January 30th, 2016 Nat show KHKG Denmark

Show no. 1:
Carmson’s Jezebel Jackie, BIS-baby
Carmson’s Jumping Jace, SL og 3 bedste baby
Carmson’s Charming Cudjo, BIM, BIS-Veteran og BISBIM4..
Excerno Vintage Vizzla af Fifi, BIR, BIS4
Excerno Vain Vassa af Fifi, CK, CERT, (DKCH på denne udstilling).

Udstilling 2:
Carmson’s Jezebel Jackie, BIS3-baby
Carmson’s Jumping Jace, SL og 2 bedste baby
Carmson’s Charming Cudjo, BIM, BIS-Veteran og BISBIM2.
Excerno Vintage Vizzla af Fifi, BIR, BIS3
Excerno Vain Vassa af Fifi, CK, CERT,

Udstilling 1 2016

2nd of January 2016
Welcome to 2016 – wish you all a Happy New Year and best wishes for the year to come.
We hope to present some new results from the training field as well as from the show ring. So please feel free to visit our website again.

Too cute :-)


17th of October 2015 – UHM
Today we conducted Youth dog Mental test (in Danish UHM) for our I-litter. All 3 of them went through with excellent results and behaviours – ready to concour the world…..

16th of October 2015 – Puppies are born
Today 5 healthy pups – 2 females and 3 males after DKCH INTCH IPO1 Carmson’s Fancy Fifi and NLCH Chotan Abissa off the Eurisever were born. We look forward to the next 8 weeks :-)

2nd of October 2015 – new Health result
Ino has been x-rayed and the results are as follows: Hips B and Elbows 0

19th of September 2015 – DKK Int. show (Copenhagen Winner 2015), Hillerød
Carmson’s Heroic Hannibal – aka Rufus won his firs CAC, became BOB and KBHV-15.
Two offspring from Fifi – Excerno Vintage Vizzla af Fifi became BOS, took her last CAC and earned the title DKCH and became KBHV-15.
Excerno Vinegance Verdi af Fifi, 3rd best male with excellent and CK.

12th of September 2015 – great news – Puppys on the way :-)
Today Fifi was at the vet for ultrasound – on this we saw quite a few pups.. Expected birth medio October.
This is a combination between Carmson’s Fancy Fifi and Chotan Abissa off the Eurisever.
We look so much forward to pups from this combination.

9th of August 2015 – KHKG nat. Show, Køge, Denmark – Show no. 2
On the second show a little change :-)
Fifi BOB
Cudjo BOS, BIS-BOS2 and BIS Veteran
Gazz got excellent

9th of August 2015 – KHKG nat. Show, Køge, Denmark – Show no. 1
Cudjo BOB, BIS3 and BIS-veteran
Gazz, excellent, CK and 4th best male

30th of July 2015
Yet another from the G-litter has been x-rayed. This time Gonzo with the following result. Hips A and Elbows 0… Congratulations to the owners Lisbeth and Ralf Thømming.

24th – 26th of July 2015 – IPO Weekend in Kalundborg
The whole I-litter as well as Gazz, Fifi and I-jo and owners were participating in the IPO weekend in Kalundborg. Below a few pictures of Fifi

11774416_10153503434417996_1384268348_n 11793310_10153503434427996_877474835_n 11798137_10153503434407996_1905358321_n 11805796_10153503434397996_881500189_n


4th of July 2015
Today Carmson’s Fancy Fifi got her CAC and BOB in Sweden and are now Swedish Champion too :-)

20 – 21th of June 2015
This weekend Carmson’s Handsome Hero, owned by fam. Puggaard/kennel Puggi became DKCH and won BOB both days at DKK int. show in Vejen. Huge congratulations :-)

31th of May 2015
YES!! We did it… Carmson’s Fancy Fifi and I did pass the IPO1 today with a total of 248 points. 93 in tracking, 78 in obedience and 77 in defence. Absolutely room for improvement and more training, but at with the known issues we have had I’m very satisified….
With this result it’s also time to appy for the INTCH title for her as well, since she has the CACIB’s needed and were only waiting for the IPO1 – to get the “real” INTCH title:-)

30th of May 2015
Congratulations to Pernille and Carmson’s Handsome Hero with the BH that they did pass today :-)

17th of May 2015
At the SKK int. show in Hässleholm Cudjo became BOB and Fifi BOS with Cacib. In the finals we won BIS Progency group with offspring from Fifi’s litter at Excerno (V-litter). Thank you all for a great day.
Below a few pictures of Cudjo (thank you Morgan Slätt for the pictures and for all your help).

SKK Hassleholm 2015 SKK Hassleholm 2015 løb

25th of April 2015
Jeannette and Gazz did pass the BH – huge congratulations :-)

21th of April 2015
New results on hips and elbows – Gazz has been x-rayed with A and 0 – congratulations Jeannette…..

Easter 2015
The I-litter was gathered for training and here is the Family, including the helper Raymond van Eck from The Netherlands.Carmson's I-litter with sire and dam

March 2015,SKK Int. show in Malmö

Fifi won BIS Progency Group with 4 offspring from the Excerno V-litter – so proud and Happy

BIS Progency group, SKK Int. Malmö, March 2015


And Cudjo won BIS4-Veteran

Cudjo BIS4 Veteran SKK Int. Show Malmö, March 2015

  • 15th apr, 2015