What we do with our dogs

Well lots of breeders think they know what is required from our dogs to fulfill requirements within certain dog sports. Some does – and some does not!

The only way of knowing is if  you work with your dogs, have gained experience in various types of dog sports and have it “hands on” – then you know what is required and what type of dogs are needed.
Just lending back saying that all dogs can pass any exams with a great handler – simply does not know what they are talking about!

So you could ask why is this so important – well it is… the Bouvier is not only a happy family dog – it’s origin is of working – you could say all types of working.

Back in the days when I started within the IGP (back then IPO) sport I also just thought that all dogs could pass all kinds of exams within this sport – but luckily I got wiser!
it took some dogs to figure out – well yes the first one could have done it but he had a non-experienced handler…
Some dogs here have been educated the whole way through to IPO3 some only IPO2 and IPO1 – basically because at that level the potential of those dogs was – no need to push above the limit but keep the good within!

So IGP is one of the types of sport that we are activating our dogs (not all) with – with the aim to pass exams at the level that fit’s the dogs… having that said it’s not a prerequisite for me to breed only with IGP titled dogs – not at all. During the years my skills within selection based on studying dogs and their mentality, knowing the dogs behind, an exam is not a must for me! you can have a strong dog that for many reasons will never go to any exam but still be a great value add for the breed – as long as you focus on all aspects and not only a few!
For those not aware of what IGP is – long story short – it’s Tracking, Obedience and defense work!

Nosework has become a sport that I really do like a lot. Good opportunities to work with the dogs nose and capacities here but also good challenges from an environmental point of view – the dogs are challenged in all ways.
Rally obedience we have done a bit of – now only at home for fun!
Tracking is our absolute favorite – all our dogs are tracking a couple of times per week!
Also from time to time – we are participating in special sessions with experienced trainers.

Aside from the so called training we do visit the Equility hall a couple of times per month. Here the dogs are challenged on their body-control – they learn to control the body and it’s also exercise for their mind. All types of obstacles, “waking on line” etc. it’s really fun and also provides good challenges to the owner and close collaboration and contact with the dogs.

Even our dogs have access to 9.000 meter square fenced area we take a couple of trips to the forest, the cities (we live on the country side) just to walk to get different input and experiences that they do not get from the training fields nor forest nor home area.

To add to the weekly grooming session, regular massage and physiotherapy is also added to the dogs monthly scheme to make sure they are all fit at all times the best way possible.

And then off course dog shows!

So to be able to select, breed and provide the best support to upcoming and existing puppy buyers – we invest time in our own dogs, get experience in various types of dog sport and are by that able to also give the best guidance upon selection of puppies – this no matter if you want a puppy “just” for the family or for any potential dog-sport!

  • 4th jan, 2021